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Since 1975

The Hotel & Restaurant is located on the banks of the Rhine Wallufs. Walluf is located in the Rheingau and is the easternmost part of the Rheingau. The "gate of the Rheingau", as Walluf is also called, is well known for its wines. The hotel & restaurant is 5 minutes walk from the Wallufer train station. This is 10km from Wiesbaden main station and 48km from Frankfurt main station. Frankfurt airport is 32km from the restaurant. The company is located in Rheinallee Nr.2, directly on the banks of the Rhine.

Hotel Zum Weissen Mohren

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In the Restaurant of the house there is Greek and German cuisine. Since 2013, the restaurant has been run by the Katsoulidis family, which has also taken over the hotel since November 2018.

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